Phoebe's Calling

Phoebe's Calling

Homeless Phoebe

Phoebe's Calling is the stage version of Crimson Eyes - The Walking Play (in itself a much expanded version of the shorter Crimson Eyes stage play).

Phoebe's Calling is a monologue, delivered by Phoebe - a fictional street-homeless woman. She is telling the audience about her experiences of, firstly, how she became homeless and, secondly, what it’s like to live on the streets.


Phoebe's Calling is a grim, gritty tale that combines real-life misery with spates of humour and irony.


We hear that Phoebe previously had a good life – a job, a home, a partner and a child – but it all started to go pear-shaped when her young child died. Sadly, this led to her partner also dying, which led on to her losing her home, which then led to her also losing her job – resulting in her street homelessness. A spiral of misfortune and misery.

When she’s explaining her experiences to the audience, she’s interrupted from time to time by both unsupportive and sympathetic unseen passers-by, who she talks to off-stage.

One of the purposes of the Phoebe's Calling is to demonstrate that homelessness can happen to anyone – and to dispel some of the myths and stereotypical views about homelessness in the 21st century.

At the last count, around 3,000 people street rough every night – of which only 15% are women. 80% are over 26 years of age. Worse, over 720 rough sleepers die on the streets every year – with an average age of 42 years – three decades earlier than they should.

Phoebe's Calling is a new play, which has not yet been performed anywhere - and is available to be staged.

  Platform:                       One-Act Theatre Play

  Running Time:     20 minutes (approx.)

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