Humanity No.1 - Love and Sex

Humanity No.1 - Love and Sex

How were humans created ? 


By Adam and Eve ?  Wrong. 


The Big Bang ? No – wrong again.


It was the Bods.


The Bods are human body parts, working away at Project Human Being – to create a prototype of the first human.  They beaver away at their weekly project meetings – taking a proper project management approach to their task.


They’re all there – Brain (the Chair), Hand (Secretary) and Heart.  This workstream is for Sex and Love - for which the two specialists, Penis and Vagina, have been enlisted for their expert knowledge.


Who will get their way ?  Brain…or Heart ? And how will the Bods get over the ongoing issue of premature ejaculation ? Oh…and what about the danger of broken Hearts ?


Humanity: 1 – Love and Sex is the first Workstream of Project Human Being.  Other Workstreams in the series are:


  • Birth                  • Gender                    •  Health                      •  Death


Humanity will be instantly recognisable to all those who have suffered endless meetings – especially those pointless Project Management ones…and their PIDS, Critical Paths, Action Plans and Gantt Charts !

This is Alan's first short comedy play, and his first in collaboration with new playwright Peter Redding.

Humanity No.1 - Love and Sex is a new play and has not yet been performed anywhere. 

  Platform:                       Short Theatre Play

  Running Time:     17 minutes (approx.)

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